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CAMCON Technologies Group Inc. is a consulting and solutions company specializing in IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies, along with their emerging market verticals. Based in Toronto, CAMCON is dedicated to meeting client’s technical needs. When you choose the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at CAMCON to assist your home or business, we work with you to provide custom-tailored products designed to improve efficiency and productivity. With our extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, you can rest assured your working with a dedicated team of experts who will see your project through to completion.

Why Choose CAMCON?

At CAMCON, we have a sharp focus on leading-edge technology to streamline the efficiency of your business.

  • Wireless low power sensors, along with their supporting wireless network deployments, to provide seamless connectivity into the cloud; serving clients with cloud-based platforms to visualize sensor and object data with accuracy.
  • Working closely with clients to help them understand how IoT can provide value to their businesses thru visibility of remote assets and the data they yield.
  • Demonstrating a proven track record of success helping organizations utilize collected data to drive predictive and preventive maintenance platforms, asset renewal lifecycles, and more.
  • Working closely with our clients to select and develop platforms that are custom-tailored to their unique needs and applications.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with other likeminded partners to provide clients with exceptional quality turnkey packaged solutions.

Let the experts at CAMCON open your eyes to a whole new world of connectivity! We’ll teach you how IoT and IIoT technology can transform your home or business into a technological wonder. Get in touch with the IoT and IIoT specialists at CAMCON today! Let us put you on the pathway towards success with our extensive IoT and IIoT solutions!

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