Striving to be the best IIoT company in Canada,  we get asked a lot about the residential use of IoT.  Well one of the common application is Home Security.

You can’t put a price on safety, but professional security companies do. Between installation costs and monthly monitoring fees, company-controlled surveillance can amount to sky-high prices. That’s why countless households are opting for DIY home security instead – but how can you determine whether this is the system for you? Inarguably, there exist benefits and disadvantages to both. We’ve compiled a list of factors to help you decide which of the two is most favourable for you.

For all the busy bees out there, DIY home security is an unrealistic project. Installing a monitoring system on your own not only requires setup time, but also devoting a lot of efforts to researching your system of choice. Though professionals ask that you are present during the time of installation, it will likely take a qualified technician less time to hook up your devices than if you were to do it yourself.

Size of home
DIY home security is typically ideal for smaller homes, as they necessitate a fewer amount of cords and devices. This means shorter setup time, and less facets to manage. The larger the house, the more trouble you can expect to run into in installing and monitoring your system. In this case, a DIY home security kit can be more of a headache than a solution, and you are likely best-off hiring professionals to do the work.

Cost and maintenance
The vast majority of DIY home security kits will prove more economical than company-monitored systems. Nonetheless, it’s important to consider factors beyond face value. Should you require any troubleshooting, contacting customer service can be quite a hassle. With professionally managed systems, a company representative will immediately be sent to your home to repair your devices – but please be advised that these services can rack up additional fees for you to cover.

If your circumstances allow it, DIY home security is a great life hack to saving money on house surveillance. Nonetheless, remember that there are aspects apart from an intimidating price tag to consider as well. Whether you choose to do-it-yourself or go pro, put your safety in your hands. Invest in home security today.